A clear advantage

Designed based on engagements with institutions across 3 continents.

Deliver a polished performance.

Articulate your best points.

Neutralise your weaknesses.

Awesome inclusions!

Training videos and Interview Simulator technology:

Featured in Business Communication Essentials 7e by Courtland Bovee
Featured in Business Communication Today, 13e, by Courtland Bovee
Powered by Interview Simulator Technology
Training videos included
Interview day checklist included
80+ interview questions, hints and professional tips

New to Job Interviews and not sure what to expect?

Not only do you experience realistic interview scenarios but you also get to listen how you come accross in an interview Download

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"People are coming to us with credentials and ostensibly they have foundation skills, but we're not seeing it! We don't know if this is real or a perception." (Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations, 2012)

  • Training Videos
  • Interview Simulator
  • Interview day checklist
world's best interview prep tool


Interactive multimedia elearning

Elearning videos each designed to meet key objective and develop competencies.

Interview Simulator

Realistic interviews simulation for faster, repeatable and accelerated improvement.

Multimedia Responses

See yourself from the employer`s eyes.

Multimedia Responses

See yourself from the employer`s eyes. Then reflect, socialise and improve.

Professional guides

Not sure what to respond? Expert hints AND tips to guide you through EVERY question.

Self Assessment

Easy to follow, one touch, self-assessment criteria.

Master the finer details

Pitch timer including standard and elevator pitch to practice concise responses.

Even more details

Record your responses with audio or video. Even body language is addressed!

So much material

80+ questions, 80+ tips and hints, 7 videos and an interview day checklist!